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Igbo For 2023 Presidency: Only God Can Give Ndigbo National Reintegration… Dr. Ezeife

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Dr. Chukwuemeka Ezeife

Igbo For 2023 Presideny: Only God Can Give Ndigbo National Reintegration… Dr. Ezeife

A prominent son of the Igbo nation, Dr. Chukwuemeka Ezeife, Okwadike says only God can offer the Igbo nation their desired ‘National Reintegration’ to achieve their 2023 presidential ambition, arguing that the race is in dire need of same.

Dr. Ezeife, a former Governor of Anambra state stated this, weekend, during the “Igbo Nation Political Summit 2021”, held at Christ the Good Shepherd Compound, Uzii Mission Centre, Mbaise Road, in Owerri, Imo State, with the theme: ‘Fostering Partnership For National Integration’.

The Chairman of the Summit decried the apparent pathetic condition of the race, lamenting that the center could no longer hold anymore.

  • He said: “We need national reintegration because everything has gone pieces. The center cannot hold anymore and the reintegration we need now is from God. Only God can offer t us that national reintegration not man; man has failed comprehensively.

“Conscience died in Nigeria and nothing seems to work. We need prayers to God that things begin to change.”

Okwadike who was represented by Dr. Las Anyanwu regretted the level of disunity evident among the Igbo nation, insisted that “only
the Igbo man can solve the problem of Ndi-Igbo.

“The Igbo is the most creative tribe in the black race”, he added.

On the 2023 Nigeria’s presidency, he said:
All Nigerians are keen on that and from my point of view and the contacts I have Nationwide, most Nigerians are ready for it.
But, the Igbo nation must say yes so that God can say yes because some Igbos are doubting and some think that Biafra is better for them.

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“So, must work through prayers to repossess our possession but nothing has been taken away from us because God favours the destiny of succeeding in whatever we do. God blessed Igbo with a destiny of succeeding in whatever they do.

“One white man wrote in his book that: “the Igbo is a people before whom the White man feels inferiority complex”. What God gave us is too much and that is why we have a village in Virginia in the US as one of the four groups that contributed in the building America and that’s why a professor ranked Igbo among the four most achievement motivated people in the world.

“We have gifts from God and as long as we maintain our tradition, we’ll get what we want but some of our people selling out, making deals with the enemy and making us loose our tradition. We are a people who may be hungry but refuse to eat your food unless we are sure that the food is genuine but some people are now saying we should avoid being hungry by joining every kind of food.

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He, therefore advance the rack to work with one voice in order to achieve their aim, saying “we should go massively out.

“I don’t want to know whether we have so many organizations but as long as we are speaking with one voice. God has given it to is but we have to take it by our efforts.

Corroborating, the Co-chairman of the Summit, Prof. Ukachukwu Awuzie reiterated that the Igbo nation needed an authentic president and not a camouflage come 2023.

“We need an authentic Igbo man President and not just one to be controlled by the North”, he thundered.

Prof. Awuzie who called for a true federalism in Nigeria, stressed the need for the nation to operate in a different Constitution.

Prof. Awuzie urged Ndigbo to begin to “think home by industrializing the area and creating employment opportunities for the people”.

In his contribution, Cmrd. Ifeanyi Chimezie, President, Southeast Zone for Equity Alliance, a sociocultural organization poised to project and promote the agitation for Igbo presidency 2023, charged Ndigbo to awaken to the task ahead.

He opined that Ndigbo must aggressively go into a search for the actual person who has the capacity to restore their lost dignity in 2023.

“We need Ndigbo to go out into the field. We need to search for those people we can interrogate so as to actualise this our dream”, he said.

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