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58-years- old Amuchienwa: The Woman after Ohakim

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By Our Reporters

This paper can authoritatively report that a certain Ms Chinyere Amuchienwa is the elderly woman appearing on the indecent videos and photos being circulated on the internet in the past few days.

The pictures and videos show Ms Amuchinwa in different poses of nudity, with others showing her as someone who engages in bad habits like smoking big-mould Cubana cigars that look like Indian hemp. In one particular video, she was shown naked masturbating.

Ms. Amuchienwa who is also known as Lilian hails from the Igwegbe family of Ndianiche in Arondizuogu, Ideato North LGA. She was formerly married to the Amuchienwa family but was later divorced in circumstances that suggest that she was violent and abusive to the husband and children.

To date, she is estranged from her husband and other relatives and is still undergoing internecine battles over sharing of properties with them.

During the Jonathan administration, she was introduced to Diezani Allison-Madueke by her former university mate in London where she was expelled for dancing naked in a night club. After the introduction, Chinyere swung into action and started using the name of the Minister to swindle people.

She was said to have made huge sums of money from the scam leading to a situation where the Minister and those she swindled sought her arrest but she escaped to France.

Chinyere who is suspected to be bipolar and prone to mood swings and strange behaviors is said to have made many enemies along the way, including with her former many boyfriends in London, Lagos, Kano and Abuja; and even with some prominent families in her native Arondizuogu and she is said to have a penchant for sending nude videos and photos to men in order to seduce them.

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She is also said to have blackmailed many married big men she dated and made a lot of money doing so.

Some months ago she was embroiled in an altercation with an Internet cafe in Lagos which she had accused of hacking her phone and laptop. Her fears then was that the cafe might have seen or even downloaded the indecent and pornographic videos and pictures she stored in the systems.

The bizarre twist to the story was that it is the same cafe that assists her in cloning and photoshopping pictures, audios and videos of her ex-boyfriends she blackmailed. As of press time, her bitter quarrel with the cafe is still lingering.

Many sources who spoke to maazi.online confirmed that Ms Amuchienwa is now close to the Fulani politicians that control the NNPC and oil industry. She was living in Lagos where she has a small shop that sells made-in-China designer items like Louis Vutton and Gucci but suddenly travelled to Kano where she met an influential Alhaji and became his mistress.

Through this Alhaji, she was connected to the oil industry which made her to relocate to Abuja where she now lives.

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Chinyere who also goes by the surname Igwegbe then began to be interested in national and Igbo politics. With her connections to the Northerners that control oil business in Nigeria, she is said to have boasted that she will play a big role in whether presidential power is shifted to Southeast or not in 2023 and this has led her to turn her attention to Ohaneze politics, especially who becomes the next Ohaneze president in January 2021.

This has led to real fears that she might resort to blackmailing some Igbo leaders.

It is not clear to this paper how an Igbo woman could make herself a willing tool for the North to dictate who becomes an Igbo leader or presidential candidate but what is clear is that Chinyere might resort to blackmail to attempt to destroy some Igbo leaders with whom she might have come into close contact.

She forgets that she has a lot of people she had wronged, some of whom are waiting for an opportunity to pay her back in the same coin.

So now that she is coming into national limelight, it is not unusual that some people might fight back by releasing her pornographic pictures and videos.

Other probable sources include the various cafes she uses for photoshopping and the possibility that she might have been careless with her phone, leading someone to download those pictures and videos.

Cc: maazi online

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