ROAD MAP TO 2023: Read Details Of Ariam/Usaka People’s Assembly’s Resolutions ) On Elections, Politics

Prince Innocent Iroabuchi Elogu, the President Ariam Usaka Professionals, AUP and chairman, and Chairman, Logus Investment Ltd.
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ROAD MAP TO 2023: Read Details Of Ariam/Usaka People’s Assembly’s Resolutions ) On Elections, Politics


We the undersigned representatives of Ariam/Usaka comprising innocentvillage heads, women leaders and youth leaders,recently found the opportunity to gather as a matter of urgency to review the progress made thus far in the political and economic circumstances of our dear clan since the return of democracy in 1999. It became expedient because party politics and election matters are now on the speed lane towards 2023. This gathering provided us a stocktaking exercise for an indepth examination of the perennial challenges confronting our people. We must recognize that as a community we have for too long suffered a political history and tradition of neglect occasioned by poor representation. Lack of quality representation has robbed us of the socio-economic and political development which are our rights as indigenes of Abia State in particular and citizens of Nigeria in general. Our decrepit and derelict infrastructure and human capital are flying in our faces and we look so hopeless and helpless. Our age old aspiration such as the Ring Road does not seem to be anybody’s business in government.

Truth be told, we must acknowledge that political representation has significantly changed since the return to democracy in1999. The change has been in the wrong direction. Regrettably, Ariam/Usaka has been the most under-represented, indeed grossly represented, repressed and criminally rejected and neglected as a clan in the history of political development in Abia.

We hereby note that we are fully aware of the obstacles and challenges faced by our people in pursuit of political development and aspiration.

We are also fully conscious of multiple system of oppression put in place by those who loath the development of our clan. We therefore uphold and appreciate that 2023 presents us with a *Tabula Rasa* upon which we need to strengthen our common history, unity and solidarity across borders within in particular and outside of Ariam/Usaka in general and within Abia State and the Nigerian state contexts. The incoming political dispensation will determine how our rich agricultural land produce will be harnessed amidst lack of motorable road and deadly presence of erosion.

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We have now more than ever before a compelling need to organize the efforts and energies of our people toward achieving the goals of socioeconomic and political emancipation.

The survival and developmental needs of our people have become ever acute and sensitive. These yearnings we must rise up to defend by aggregating and integrating them into a symphony of concrete political demands for the greatest good of the greatest number of our people.

It is therefore axiomatic that the recent gathering is geared towards acknowledging the need for Ariam/Usaka to have a common front in the forthcoming elections. We must be alive to the effects of the exploitative tendencies of our political enemies within and outside. Therefore it is our responsibility to enlighten, direct and convince our people on the essence for greater premium to be placed on productive political representation in 2023 and beyond. It is our responsibility to change our own narrative by ourselves towards 2023 by enlightening and directing our people on political choices to make.

It is with great pains that we itemise and call to the memory of our people the direct result of these years of neglect and rejection we have been through:

*A* . Lack of infrastructure and amenities within the clan.

*B* . Immoral, selfish and criminal politicisation of the Ariam/Usaka Ring Road for over 20 years. This road is the only road that links our villages and the outside world. Its socioeconomic import cannot be overemphasized.

*C* . Education has collapsed owing to lack of care and concern by political gladiators in and outside our clan. What we have is an education landscape dotted with dilapidated buildings. All forms of infrastructure are missing in addition to unqualified teachers.

*D** . Not having any of our sons or daughters in the helm of affairs or being part of any of the three arms of the government in the state and beyond.

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*E* . Moribund health system. All the health centres are not working by any means at all.

We are indeed aware of the deliberate attempt of our enemies, within and outside, to undermine our political aspiration in 2023 in their quest to foster and fester their rapacious political self acclaimed empires at the detriment of our collective socioeconomic and political development.

Consequently we resolve:
*1* . That Ariam/Usaka will no longer be a vote hunting space for the kind of politicians identified above who only find their way to the clan during election.

*2* . That any politician seeking our votes should boldly step out to negotiate and enter into contract with our people as regards to provisions of infrastructure and the overall needs of the people. This Social Contract must be documented.

*3* . That we will reject any form of financial inducement by politicians and their cronies.

*4* . That we will not be susceptible to the insensitive and irresponsible doctrine of party loyalty which have for years hoodwinked and seen our people blindly supporting politicians who care less about our political aspirations and development as a community. It’s no longer business as usual.

We advise our own politicians, their foot soldiers, and their cronies, not to direct the barrel of the gun inwardly by colluding with external forces to subvert the wishes of the people or attempt to direct unwarranted attacks on the people’s representatives as such will come face-to-face with the wrath of our people. History and posterity will not be kind to such politicians from 2023 and beyond.

Suffice this write-up to be a warning and a call for reasoning together for a better community in 2023 and beyond.

Thank you all.

Signed. Prince Innocent Eleogu AUP National president
Chief Charles Ugboajah
Chief Chief Emma Ekumanna AUDU PRO.
ALL VILLAGE HEADS, Women leaders, youth leaders and PGs

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