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Exclusive! Nigerian Man who foresaw Coronavirus at age 12, drops another shocking Revelation

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Prof. Chinedu Agbodike, a naturally endowed Fine Artist and a versatile writer has warned Nigerians and indeed the whole world of another dreaded virus that would escalate in the year 2025 and 2035 which would be given a new name as it were.

This is even as the world is yet to recover from the subsistent menace of Coronavirus.

Prof. Agbodike, a renown writer  made further this revelation in an exclusive interview with Famous Reporters, at his Ihe- Mbosi country home, in  Anambra state, recalling that he had earlier, prior to teenage stage, envisaged into what devastation would strike the entire people of the world in the year 2020, as none would be exempted.

Famous Reporters recalls that in the book: ‘Colonial Conspiracies In Africa’, authored far back in 1985, on page 142, Prof. Agbodike had captured the outbreak of Coronavirus and its accompanying devastations and trauma geared towards eradicating the extant “policy and politics of race superiority or inferiority” thereby removing strength from the developed nations and at the same time humbling them.”

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“Apart from coronavirus which I foresaw when I was a boy, there were so many other diseases I foresaw.

At 12 years, was when I began to see things and recognize the world better and I wrote a lot of books then. In One of the books which I title ‘Colonial Conspiracy In Africa’, page 200, I mentioned this disease but I didn’t call it coronavirus, rather i said the virus would come up in 2020 and would take away a lot of lives. But it’s going to be imitated or produced virus but it has come and passed but it’s going to come back again in 2025 with another name and in 2035 with another name and in 2050 and 2080, still with another name.

“Those things are in that book, ‘Colonial Conspiracy In Africa’. If you read the book, I think from page 141 to 142, you would see where i mentioned Ebola Virus, HIV.

“To see the future is a gift and so I cannot say I didn’t see the further when I wrote the book, I was actually writing from book. I was looking at a book and I was copying what was inside that book. That’s why the book, ‘Colonial Conspiracy In Africa’ looks prophetic but I never claimed to be a prophet and I also have never claimed that I’m a man who sees tomorrow. However, what I wrote down was what I saw in that book.

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Fielding questions on whether the COVID-19 is receiving a most suitable approach by the people of the world, he said without mincing words that up until the world eschews discrimination intimidation, and racism comes thereby imbibing equity among the sister- nations, the pandemic would persist.

“Well, more epidemics are coming, more have come and past and if we don’t handle it together as a team; if we choose to continue with racism, lying, class and intimidation and choose not to work together as a team, then we’re not handling it properly.”

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