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Famous Proxy Marriage Of Younger Sister, Chief Henry Ikoh Reacts

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Charity Uwakwe

It was a joyful moment at Ahuwa Oboro autonomous community in Ikwuano LGA of Abia State, Saturday, as popular Chief Henry Ikechukwu Ikoh, the CEO of Harmony Foam Industry, makers of best quality foam, presided over the proxy marriage between her younger sister, Ekoma Lucky Ikoh and her heartthrob, Chief Cosmso Okoro

The traditional marriage ceremony which is paramount in the Igbo culture, had the immediate family members and relatives of the groom seated among the family and community members of the groom.

Chief & Lolo Henry Ikechukwu Ikoh

The atmosphere was saturated with jubilation and merriments,
as the families and friends of both parties could not hide their elation while the couple was being united although not physically present at the unpronounced event.

He expressed gratitude to God that the extant coronavirus which had prompted the proxy marriage, did not stand as a barrier to the event, a perceived measure to protect the couple from the dreaded disease.

Hear him: “Not even a single blessing in my mouth will I withhold from my little sister who is  unreservedly loved. Therefore, I release every blessing of marriage upon her and Cosmos, my son-in-law.”Continuing, he said: “Today, I’m giving my sister out in marriage to a man from Awomama, in Imo State, she is an American based Nurse and Cosmos as a good man. We’re very excited, both the people of Awomama and our own people of Ahuwa Oboro. I as a person, I’m very happy and that is why it is being celebrated here in my house.

According to Chief Ikoh, an intellectual, prominent son of Ahuwa and a stalwart of the APC party in the state, watching her younger sister who spoke with virtually every family member on a video call, is one of the exciting things that has happened “in my family since the year began.”

Asked whether such process of uniting two individuals was in line with the Igbo tradition, he said:
“It’s in line with our Igbo tradition, because as you can see, every necessary thing has been provided and done. Moreover, Cosmos has visited us here for more than three times before now. But, they are not able to come down because of the pandemic. But, all his family and some of his community people are here to celebrate it in a low key.

“And you can also see that as the ceremony is going on, my sister and the husband are also watching us and are also talking with everybody here. The world is a global village even though they are not here physically, they’re watching what is going on, they are happy and I know that God is happy also with us.”Chief Henry Ikoh and relativeHe urged the couple to make God their Chief Corner Stone, reiterating that “there is no perfect marriage. Always remember that there is no
perfect marriage. You have to make your marriage what you want it to be. You have to put God first,  you have to let God be in charge of your marriage so that everything thing will work out perfectly. There’s no perfect husband nor perfect wife rather the only thing that is permanent is little to the right, little to the left so that the center could hold”, he advised.Speaking at the event, the groom’s father, Dr. A. C Okafor, the chairman, Isieke Development Union, Isieke Awomama autonomous community, in Oru East LGA of Imo State, said “we have come to perform the traditional rites of my cousin who is also my son, Chief Cosmso Okoro and his wife who are based in the USA, as he thanked God for the union, while praying for His enormous blessings upon them in all ramifications.He advised the couple to respect and uphold the culture of the Igbo nation in spite of wherever they find themselves, saying, “my cousin knows the culture of our people and I advise them to respect the Igbo culture even though they are in America. And God shall bless them with every blessing of marriage, in Jesus’ name, Amen”, he prayed.In his contribution, Mr. Christopher Obinna Ikoh, younger brother to Chief Ikoh, a renowned Abuja businessman,
amidst euphoria, described  marriage as a blessed thing, pointing out that love has no limitations.

“We’re all very excited about the traditional wedding of my immediate younger sister she’s being married to Awomama people. They have come, paid her bride price and we have collected the money. We did a video call and my sister knows that I’m I have the money in my pocket and I’m not ready to return. This is the #60.00 in line with our Igbo culture.”On his views about proxy marriage, he said: “Love has no boundaries that’s why you find a white man getting married to the black and vis-a-vis. So, wherever you find love, you enjoy it.

Mr. Obinna charged the bride to work assiduously to ensure a happy home, while insisting on the need for her outstanding submissiveness in line with scriptural injunctions.

“As a woman, try to make your home comfortable for your husband and you because if your home is not comfortable for your husband it cannot be comfortable for you. We’re not ready to return this money we have collected. So, she should be submissive, 100% submissive as God said in the Bible and then her husband will have no reason not to love her as the Bible recommended. And her husband should love her so that their marriage shall be a happy one”, he insisted.
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