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Herdsmen Killings: Read Heartbreaking Open Letter From Fulani Man To Yoruba people

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Dear yoruba people, the love and human feeling I have for you push me to write this letter because I know what it takes to be a farmer, I have experienced the labouring and debts farmers are going through to have a large investment in their farms. I can understand the feeling when Fulani cattle eat up their grains.

But I want you guys to understand one thing, Majority of Fulani are not like that, we have the human feeling like you do. Most of the Northerner’s thumbs down the killing of farmers and the innocent people in your region. If you are angrier than you are already doing, I don’t blame you. But one thing you are getting wrong is that nobody has the right to chase away his fellow Nigerian in Nigeria.


I will advise you guys to be peaceful with us, I know the government can’t continue toying with the insecurity like this, things will be alright sooner than we think. Yoruba people are our best friend after Hausa, we have been living together for like 200 years ago even before Nigeria started. Majority of Yoruba have Fulani blood in his vein and vice verse.

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I am happy the government has banned open grazing in your region according to the news I heard some days ago. I don’t support it for once too, because it is uncivilized to be living in the 17th-century life in 21st-century. There is a lot of Yoruba people in our land, we love them, we accommodate them peacefully than you can ever think of. Let’s allow the unity to grow between because that’s the only thing we lack.

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