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POLICY  & PERVERSION: Parents protest payment of #25,000.00 Covid-19 Test charges

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By RN Egbulefu

A good number of states government have been imposing one policy or the other mostly at this period of the pandemic disease ensuring its control. Notwithstanding,  parents are protesting payments of =N=25,000.00 Covid-19 Test charges in one of the 36 States of Nigeria.

Undoubtedly some of the citizens encountered are baffled and hope on God for total eradications of the global problem occasioned by the corona viruses ending up the inflationary trends.

The governments with her citizens and circumstantial policies are allegedly not considerate. Both the constituted authorities and individuals extort money from other people at this time of Covid-19 due to one reason or the other.

Is God actually helping some careless people with arbitrary incomes at the expense of others?

The Task Force officials armed, some of them do not wear the nose masks challenge pedestrians without  the protective materials or wearing it
properly, ending up extorting money from such people.

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The alleged government officials nowadays in buses move into streets intimidating tenants seen sitting or strolling within their neighbourhoods possibly without nose masks.

One of the men arrested, a hypertensive patient bundled into awaiting bus with  the mask under his chin pleaded that it was not long he relaxed the protective material  in order to receive fresh air.

Some policemen and other uniform officials on the governments payroll now engaged in transport businesses and ply without fears those restricted routes in partial uniforms mostly in Lagos state. Is anybody above the law?

Such self-centered people in addition convey in their vehicles more than the required number of passengers ignoring social distancing and charge the passengers arbitrarily.

A good number of real cab drivers associated with commercial motorcyclists have been rendered  redundant.

Securing of employments in any public institutions are not common unless for those who have affiliation to godfathers.

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Necessity is the mother of invention. The bachelor degree holders riding commercial motorcycles is not by choice.

Such people equally have families or dependants to cater for. The lawmakers should always think and revisit some unfavourable policies they implement.

It is cheating for people to be sent out of their lawful businesses while others on the governments payroll assume their positions. Everybody is in need of income with justifications.

All Nigerian citizens must not wear the Force Uniforms otherwise there may be nobody rendering other essential services or be under their envisaged good security controls.

The lawmakers or governments should be considerate before initiating any policies to avoid perverting.

The uniforms wearers should note that it is a privilege and not their rights exhibiting themselves in such respected government attires.

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