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You’ve your Jeep back, stop threatening me, Ebonyi PDP Chair tells Gov Umahi

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Samuel Amah, Abakaliki

The Caretaker Committee Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party in Ebenyi State, Elder Fred Udogu, has alleged threat to his life by Governor David Umahi, saying thugs were being sent after him.

This is even as the PDP boss revealed that lately he was ordered to return the TUCSON Jeep the Governor bought for him, before defecting to the All Progressives Congress, stressing that he didn’t know why he was being threatened, “Because I have since returned the Tucson vehicle to the Governor”.

Elder Udogu stated this while speaking with journalists in Abakaliki, the state capital, on Tuesday.

According to Udogu, “He (the Governor) directed that I should return the TUCSON vehicle that was given to me; I sent the vehicle back to him. That was the last thing of him, I had. And I’m happy that I sent the vehicle back to him. I don’t have any of David Umahi’s property in my house. By Gods Grace, I’m happy about it.

“For him to have ordered that I should return that vehicle, it means he doesn’t know or remember the past. He forgets so easily. Car is nothing compared to the role I played for him to become Chairman of PDP, Deputy governor and now Governor.

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“But the one I will not take lightly, is the threat to my life, because he is busy sending some thugs who don’t know me very well, to me. The messages we exchanged years back, the Governor has been sending to thugs and they are using them against me. If these thugs knew me, they wouldn’t have been doing what they are doing. But I trust in God, because God works for me. I have gotten the identity of most of them.

“As far as the Governor is concerned, everybody must join him to APC and if you don’t join him, you are his enemy. And that is his own position. Political parties are like organisations where anybody has his or her own mind to join or not.

“I have been a member of PDP before Umahi came into politics and he cannot decide for me a party to join. The problem is that, if he had left PDP quietly, nobody would have had issues with him. But he left PDP and still fighting us and initiated a fight in PDP which is not fair.

“We are not in the court because of the PDP Secretariat. The Secretariat belongs to PDP whether anybody likes it or not. It was built under Umahi as the Chairman of PDP by the former governor, His Excellency Chief Martin Elechi.”

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He added, “Nobody is dragging the Secretariat with him. It is just that they are lacking on what to hook on to, as a reason. They have no programmes and that’s why they are looking for programmes. If they had programmes, they shouldn’t be fighting an imaginary war.

“I was one of the instruments which God used to install David Umahi as the governor, he can’t say, he doesn’t know. He knows what I did. I nominated him to Elechi as the caretaker Chairman. I played so many other roles in which God can bear me witness on what happened.

“I have always said it, that if what Umahi did to me is good to God, I accept it.

“He has left PDP and I was nominated to head the Party. I didn’t fight him and I have no intention to fight him. He is busy sending me WhatsApp messages I sent to him years back, when we were more friendly to people and to me, reminding me of the past. But did I gain anything from him as a governor? No. That’s why I’m not complaining.”

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